We can help you fund your treatment through a variety of means

  • GOVERNMENT FUNDING: North East Physiotherapy Clinic is proud to be a Designated Community Physiotherapy Clinic, providing Government Funded “Episodes of Care” [EOC] in North York.

  • WSIB (WORKPLACE SAFETY & INSURANCE BOARD): WSIB may cover the costs of physiotherapy if you are suffering from a work-related injury. A valid claim number is required to access these services.

  • PRIVATE EXTENDED HEALTH INSURANCE: If you work for a company that has an Employee Health Benefit Plan, you may have Private Insurance that pays for all or a portion of your physiotherapy services.

  • DIRECT ONLINE BILLING: Whenever possible, we will bill the Insurance Company directly online.

  • MVA (MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT INSURANCE): If you have sustained injuries as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accident, funding will be available if you require rehabilitation. We will arrange for funding with approval from your automobile insurance.

  • INDUSTRIAL/EMPLOYER CONTRACTS: Some employers will pay for physiotherapy treatment directly for employees. Please check with your employer about eligibility for health coverage.